To meet the ever-growing demand of workspaces of SMEs, start-ups, enterprises and global organisations across India, particularly, in Tier 2/3 cities, Mikro Grafeio intends to curate and manage workspace centres, integrated with technology, talent acquisition and
other essential services under the brand of “BRH Mikro Centres”.

The BRH Mikro centers can be broadly classified as:

i. Ready to move in (Plug and play) Mikro Centres
ii. BTS (Build To Suit) Mikro Centres
We also offer workspace models under WoHo (Work from Hotel) Campus model(extended ODCs) and Women only centers to name a few.

If you are an enterprising entrepreneur who wants to start and run a managed workspace or co-working centre in your city, you are the right partner to signup for the BRH Mikro Centre Franchisee. If you are a property owner/landlord or an investor with own or leased property but do not want to be involved in the day-to-day business operations, you too are an absolute fit to sign up for a BRH Mikro Centre Franchisee.

The Franchise model can be of 2 types

i. Partner Owned and Partner Managed
ii. Partner Owned and Mikro Grafeio Managed.
For details please drop us an email at

Some of the key criteria to be a part of the evolving work culture that offers flexible and
hybrid workspaces for a Mikro Grafeio Franchisee includes:
• A Commercial space in a good business locality or a residential property that has a
commercial importance in any Tier 1, 2 or 3 city.
• Floorplate in the range of 2500-5000 Sq Ft, depending on the business potential of the
location. In certain places we sign up smaller size properties as well.
• Building should have a decent façade and structure that give it an appearance of a
commercial property, suitable to set up an office.
• Capex to furnish the property as per MGS standard designs @ Rs. 1500 per sq.ft
• Easy access to the property and sufficient parking
• Power backup, Lift (If above 1st floor), AC, stable internet connection
For details please drop us an email at

• A BRH Mikro Centre will get the highest priority among the properties offered to Mikro
Grafeio B2B and B2C customers in that city
• BRH Mikro Centres will have exclusive promotions and campaigns
• BRH Mikro Centre franchisees can earn much more than mere rental income from the
same property.
• Association with a brand of repute

Mikro Grafeio will provide
• Consultancy to set up the center
• Layout design and fit-out specifications for the center
• Billing and Reporting system
• Digital Marketing and campaign support
• Sales support thru the countrywide online and offline sales & marketing support of
Mikro Grafeio
• Mikro Grafeio / Branding

Yes, Mikro Grafeio offers workspaces across 300+ locations in India, including metros, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. The demand for our model has grown 3x over the last six months and we are keen to collaborate for spaces suitable for our business model. If you own commercial property (furnished or warm shell), we can list your property in our inventory and can be presented to our potential customers through our extensive sales network. If the required criteria are met, we can also consider an upgrade for your property to be listed as the BRH Mikro center.